Unlock direct-sold revenue with Native Ad Blueprints and email newsletters

Learn how native ads in email newsletters can help you drive direct-sold revenue while also improving the reader experience and alleviating operational friction.

Direct Sold Revenue Hero

Nurture direct relationships with advertisers

Advertisers want priority access to premium inventory, brand-safe content, contextual targeting, and first-party data. With direct-sold deals and native ads in email, you can give advertisers what they want while furthering your relationship with them.

Nuture Direct Sold

Drive efficiency and revenue

No more hardcoding native ad units for each email send. Native Ad Blueprints enables you to run simultaneous direct-sold campaigns across multiple advertisers all while increasing revenue and reducing operational inefficiencies. See how Dotdash Meredith did it.

Drive efficiency

Elevate your ad experiences

With native ads in email, you can help your advertiser partners reach their audiences with relevant and unobtrusive ads that not only drive engagement, but also uphold the brand and reader experience you’ve worked so hard to create.