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Make Email Your Superpower

Meet Us At RampUp 2018 to Learn How.

Let’s connect at Booth #5 to discuss how you can transform your whole business by unlocking the potential of your email program.

According to The Relevancy Group, email drives 25% of online revenue for marketers. We think that’s only scratching the surface. Email has the potential to power superior performance and personalization at every stage of the customer journey. With the LiveIntent platform, you can increase the ROI and effective open-rate of your email program without having to increase email send volume or replace any part of your marketing stack or team.

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About LiveIntent

LiveIntent delivers people-based marketing solutions that connect brands to people at every point in the customer journey. We help brands play at the intersection of advertising and marketing, using email as the catalyst to reach 170 million people on a one-to-one basis across 4.3 billion connections through the LiveIntent Identity Graph. Our technology and solutions bring massive reach for brands who are struggling to reach their customers beyond walled gardens, irrespective of channel, device or platform. The company was recognized for the past three years as one of NYC’s fastest growing companies (by Crain’s) and as one of America’s Most Promising Companies (Forbes 2015). LiveIntent is headquartered in New York City, with offices across the United States and Europe. For more information, visit our homepage.

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