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Driving Ad Ops Efficiency

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LiveIntent’s platform has simplified our email operations and given us greater control over the pricing and performance of our entire email inventory, amounting to countless hours saved each week and a new source of scalable revenue.

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Jeff Burkett

Senior Director, Sales Operations and Product Strategy
The Washington Post
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The Washington Post is one of the largest newspapers in the US. Operating since 1877, it has evolved into a cutting-edge online new source, with an ad operations team handling many new advertiser campaigns each month across their owned and operated channels.

With a number of newsletters across a range of topics, WaPo’s email newsletter audience is full of some of their most engaged audience members. In the past, however, monetizing that inventory had been a struggle, with too much ad operations time wasted on an inefficient system.

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What Email Means To Publishers

55% of Email Opens are on Mobile

A way for publishers to reach mobile audiences: 55% of email newsletter opens are on mobile.

Email ROI is 122%

Email has an ROI of 122%, well above those for digital marketing approaches like social media and paid search.

Engaged Site Traffic

A strong driver of site traffic from engaged audiences.

An Engaged Premium Audience

An engaged, premium audience to monetize for advertising partners.

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Faced with a large volume of new advertiser campaigns every month, WaPo’s Ad Operations team needed a simple solution for trafficking campaigns in email.


The Washington Post implemented people-based ad serving technology in their email newsletters, making it easy for the ad ops team to quickly traffic, monitor, and optimize all their newsletter demand.

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In addition to increased operational efficiency, WaPo can now report on and optimize towards metrics their clients care about. Overall, the LiveIntent platform helped scale their newsletter sales and revenue.

Drive advertising operational efficiencies by adding LiveTags to your email

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