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Publisher Technologies

Control & Yield Optimization

LiveIntent’s LFX provides premium publishers with the tools they need to control access and optimize yield of direct-sold, house, DSPs and Agency Trading Desks’ demand within email. For the first time advertisers can efficiently reach their subscribers in the same way they access premium display – through their direct ad sales force or programmatically, or both – it will always be their decision.

Email Ad Server: Advanced Inventory Classes

Inventory hierarchy allows publishers to control and prioritize campaigns across classes:

Safe RTB(tm)

SafeRTB enables premium programmatic buying and first and third party data overlays with a set of HTML tags which are under the full control of the publisher. SafeRTB is secure because Javascript, iframes and flash are not enabled, putting you in control of your partners and access to your audience.

Cross Channel Advertising

LFX provides the option for yet another way to earn revenue by allowing your Direct Sold and/or LiveIntent Advertisers that are paying a guaranteed CPM to reach your subscribers when they are surfing the web. Cross channel advertising is in high demand and for the first time, LFX makes it simple to magnify your premium subscriber inventory and associated revenue.

direct sold & Guaranteed

We make it simple to sell your premium email inventory the same way you sell your premium display through an inventory hierarchy, competitive blocking, and bundles (a packaged group of inventory). We understand that at times advertisers want to own a specific ad slot or mailing so we make it easy to sell guaranteed sponsorship or Impression based buys, you choose.

indirect sold

Our Publishers can choose to release unsold inventory to the LiveIntent Exchange with the just one click - when they do, leading advertisers, DSPs and Agency Trading desks bid on the inventory resulting in the industries' highest eCPM and best consumer experience. Blocklists and floors give you granular control over your inventory.

house ads

Dynamic price floors help publishers designate when to sell their inventory and when to keep it for themselves to drive internal initiatives, like app downloads, site visits, game play, TV tune-in and more. And with inventory extension, a publisher can extend their internal campaign to our exchange for even broader reach.

high impact advertising

LiveIntent makes it possible to launch high impact Roadblock and Sponsorship Skin campaigns that generate premium rates and engage your audience in a rich experience.

Email Ad Server: Simplified Ad Ops


LFP is our easy to use interface, which allows publishers to manage access to their inventory, target campaigns, build bundles, set floors, maintain block lists and so much more.


LiveTags are our special sauce: html code that makes real-time email features and benefits possible for the first time.


Simply set-and-forget the LiveTag html code into your email templates and send your email as usual.

Campaign deployment

Setting up a campaign with LiveIntent takes minutes. Our easy to use UI and supportive account management team will get you live in no time.

Standard IAB Ad Units

300x250, 728x90, 300x600 and 160x600 JPG, PNG or animated GIF
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Easily Traffic Campaigns to Ad slots, Templates, Bundles, and Categories, and Publisher 1st and 3rd party data.

Audience Extension: Across the Exchange

LFX makes it easy for Publishers to extend targeted direct sold and house ad campaigns to reach subscribers while they are reading email or while surfing the web.

LiveIntent Publisher Directory

If publishers are interested in higher CPMs and improved advertising campaigns, they can list themselves in the LiveIntent Publisher Directory. The directory displays pertinent information, in addition to standard rate card pricing, providing insight to advertisers such as demographic information about email openers like location, device, gender.

Publishers can categorize themselves using the standard IAB Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories. These categories will allow advertisers to understand the inventory they’re bidding on, increasing CPMs to the publishers, and serving more targeted ads to email openers.

License the Platform

Some Publishers don’t need any help selling their email inventory, but they do need help intelligently displaying ads to their subscribers. Retailers, for example, already have direct relationships with brands and all of their own merchandise, but they want real-time features and benefits they have become accustomed to in every other online media channel. With our flexible licensing options the sky is the limit - contact us.


We provide the most in-depth reporting in the industry to deliver the insights you need to grow your business. Contact us for information on our reporting API.

Advertiser Technologies

Accessing our inventory

LiveIntent inventory can be accessed three ways:

Insertion Order (IO)

Instead of individually contacting each publisher for advertising opportunities, buy across thousands of premium newsletters with just one IO.


High impact, targeted, and easy to execute dedicated messaging – delivered via Premier Publishers – directly to the inbox.


Use your current DSP to access our inventory as an extension of your standard display buy.

Inventory: IAB Banners

Creative standards

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Banners in newsletters

Banners in newsletters pack a big punch with 3-10x the engagement of display

inventory: High-Impact Inventory


Takeover the inbox with Sponsorship Skins. These appear around the content of a newsletter or alert, giving your brand a huge lift in branding and engagement.


Roadblocks give you 100% share of voice of all the advertising units in an email so your brand is all that’s heard.

Dedicated Email

Our Inventory is premium because our publishers are. Targeting capabilities allow the advertiser to find the right recipient, with real-time reporting and creative optimization to maximize ROI. Our publishers have pristine delivery reputations, so deliverability and associated revenue are predictable.


Coming soon.


Device Targeting

iPhone? Android? Blackberry? LiveIntent detects device on open delivering the right ad creative every time. With 30-50% of opens coming from mobile device optimization is no longer a nice to have feature, it is a must have and LiveIntent makes it happen.


The most successful campaigns utilize many creatives – some for mobile, others for specific demographics, some for testing, others for existing customers. With LiveIntent's creative optimization and predictive algorithms you'll always put the best creative in front of your prospects.

Landing pages

LiveIntent’s device sensing is not only cool, it’s practical – we’ll serve device-specific creative and landing pages for the best user experience.

Visualization media planning tool (LFA)

LiveIntent's Media Planning Tool (LFA) lets you get a preview of how your ads will look in our publisher's newsletters, while also providing all sorts of helpful information about each newsletter and its audience.


Targeting based on gender, age, geo, browser, and time of day is just the tip of the iceberg with LiveIntent

Custom Audience

Use your own first party data to make your advertising smarter and target or suppress your current customers in display using LiveIntent Custom Audience.

3rd party data

Left-handed golfers in Juneau, Alaska? Senior citizens who enjoy multi-player online gaming? Your perfect audience is a few clicks away with the multitude of 3rd party data available through LiveIntent

Cross-Channel Marketing

LiveIntent has integrated with SSPs including Google's AdMeld and AdX to provide a cross-channel targeting opportunity for Advertisers. Our technology allows Advertisers to reach users in display and show a coordinated message after they've seen an Advertiser's ad in a LiveIntent Publisher's email.


LiveIntent has partnered with the leading display verification companies to ensure advertisers and agencies are able to access the features they’ve come to expect in display. We can determine whether content is brand safe and can also provide semantic classification. For example, a large financial institution probably doesn’t want to run advertisements in content about the rocky economy, LiveIntent understands that and will protect your brand.


For those Advertisers who may not want to advertise offers to existing customers or to customers who have recently terminated a service etc., Live Suppression allows them to exclude users who should not be targeted within a campaign.

Optimization – meeting your goals


Dynamically price each impression based on the true value to you and your brands


Predict is our optimization engine that decides which creative to display at the exact moment an email is opened.


Our comprehensive reporting UI gives you a front row seat to your campaign performance so you're always in the know.