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Publisher Resources

  • Premium-Display-Inbox

    Premium Display

    Publishers have long known that email newsletters and alerts are the best way…

  • LiveIntent-Inventory-Manager

    LiveIntent Inventory Manager

    LiveIntent Inventory Manager (LIM) enables publishers…

  • Skins Campaigns

    Skins Campaigns

    Just like web display, skin campaigns with LiveIntent are perfect for any brand looking to make an impact.

  • User-Matching

    User Matching

    User Matching brings offline data online, and brings publishers incremental revenue.

  • tags


    LiveTags are how we serve and optimize ads that we place in your newsletters and…  

  • safeRTB

    LiveIntent’s safeRTB

    Programmatic buying is enabled by the safeRTB bidding solution. SafeRTB is the first….

  • reportingui

    Reporting User Interface

    Reporting at your fingertips. CTR, eCPMs…        

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