Email is no longer about sending email

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Watch: Last week’s webinar with Forrester

Watch: Last week’s webinar with Forrester

Last week, I conducted a Webinar with the help of Forrester’s Darika Ahren, discussing our current ‘age of pervasiveness’, where customers are “always addressable”. For marketers this means audiences are available in more places, at more times, via more devices. As a result,  Forrester predicts that soon all channels will have exchanges for targeting audience segments with scale.

Audiences’ scattered attention has made previously reliable customers increasingly elusive.

Email, the original digital communication medium, has resisted replacement and remains the most ubiquitous and commonly used marketing channels today. As a cornerstone app and identity technology, email has defied obsolescence and moreover email subscribers have proven to be the most engaged digital audience as judged by email’s growth to 3 billion worldwide accounts.

In case you missed it, you can watch here to learn about the addressable audiences and how you can harness the massive scale of email to reach your audiences across all channels – whenever and wherever they are.

(top illustration via Adexchanger)