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Presslaff is now LiveCertified

Presslaff is now LiveCertified

We’re proud to announce that Presslaff is now a LiveCertified ESP. This means that they have up to date tags and that publishers using Presslaff should have a very easy time getting on board with LiveIntent.

To welcome them into LiveCertified, we conducted a little Q&A:

What was the first email provider you ever used? I think my oldest email address is with EarthLink, although you can add Hotmail and Yahoo to the list in short order after that.   

On average how many emails do you think you send per day? Company: Millions.  It depends on the day, but we’ve had clients with lists that range from a million emails to just a couple of thousand.  So each day is a little different. Personally: Wow…sometimes I think I go a whole day speaking solely through  my fingers…it might be too overwhelming to actually count.

What’s your favorite email newsletter that you receive? I love Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters emails, probably more than her music. We don’t send it, and they don’t even look that great, but I love the community she’s built and how it’s all about the Little Monsters; it’s not impersonal, self-promotional copy.

Do you receive email news alerts? Oh yes, lots of them. It’s how I find out about a lot of news in a lot of places outside of LA. Our clients rely on us to send their news emails, so it’s always fun to see if they’re breaking news faster than other news outlets.

What’s the most common myth you hear about email? Our biggest gripe is referring to email “Blasts”. We prefer to think about Email Campaigns. Our clients joke with us about being such sticklers, but to us, “blasts” are disorganized, destructive and harmful. “Campaigns” are targeted, goal-oriented and organized. Just thinking about your emails as “campaigns” instead of “blasts” is an important step in being a true email marketer.

What differentiates Presslaff Interactive Revenue from other Email Service Providers? Two things. First, our proprietary platform, Dat-e-Basesm integrates registration, email, contesting and surveying (and circulation for our print clients), so all data is unified, making it far easier to manage, segment and communicate with your database. Second, and perhaps the more critical differentiator in the minds of our clients, is that we combine technical platforms with marketing expertise. We have media backgrounds; we understand our clients’ need to use the database to serve two masters – their audience and their advertisers. So along with building, supporting and constantly innovating our own proprietary platform, we work one-on-one with our clients to develop the strategy that will grow their relationships with their audience while monetizing their database and email efforts.

What are your tips for helping publishers grow their databases? First, focus! We have tons of case studies and a library full of promotions, and surveys, all designed to help grow databases and learn about audience lifestyle interests. Although we find that the one thing that trumps market size or specific media, is the ability to put a sustained focus on growing and engaging your audience. A larger more engaged database provides multiple returns:  Increases the value of your email list, increases the value of your data and increases the ability to quickly bring new products to market by alerting all or parts of your database to your newest offerings.

Let’s talk about your Date-e-Base Software, how does Presslaff Interactive help publishers with their databases? We help them in a variety of ways:

  • Database Cleansing: Many properties have multiple, overlapping databases. We’ll start by unifying those databases. It’s a deep dive but generally think of it as de-duping, organizing and sourcing the data.
  • Registration: We offer multiple methods for registration, from a streamlined process on our platform to API’s with various sites and providers, again to unify the data.
  • Loyalty Clubs: A complete VIP treatment to learn more about the audience, collect lifestyle information, segment and target based on what we learn…and use it all to drive loyalty, increase usage of the media property and make more money from the advertising community!
  • Newsletters and General Email Creation & Sending: Our platform allows for automated, “hands-free” email sends, to WYSIWYG templates to DIY HTML and text set-ups. The fun stuff is in the deep targeting we provide based on reported and tracked behavior, and of course the metrics on email opens, click through, etc.
  • Contest and Surveys:The integrated contests and surveys cover ‘one-click’ enter-to-win contests, question and answer surveys, essay contests, photo upload and voting. The contesting & surveying tools are all designed to further engage the audience and provide our clients with the data to send relevant, targeted messages based on any collected data point.
  • Circulation Retention: A ‘set and forget’ system to help print properties automate renewal reminder emails to subscribers and improve subscriber retention
  • Support: We’re passionate about helping media companies get to know their audience, treat them with respect by abiding by their permission settings, pay attention to their lifestyle preferences by providing relevant information and digging into the data to find the best ways to delight audiences and advertisers alike. 


Our combination of software and marketing expertise are like peanut butter and jelly. Each good on their own, but better together!