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iPad Preferred for Email

iPad Preferred for Email

As reported today in eMarketer, a study conducted by Perion of 4,400 iPad users in the US found that these tablet users often reach for the iPad for emailing: 

For reading emails, more than half of respondents chose the tablet as their preferred device, beating out PCs and Macs by over 20 percentage points. The difference was understandably narrower for sending emails, given that the keyboard is essential to writing emails. Just under half of respondents said they preferred the tablet vs. 41% who preferred a desktop or laptop computer.

Interestingly, the mobile phone was the No. 1 device for about one in 10 respondents for both sending and reading email. These users may be most often on the go, and for them, mobile is the most efficient way to stay in touch, no matter whether reading or responding.

In terms of how often users turn to their iPad to check email, it was a daily activity for 88% of respondents. One-quarter reported checking email on their iPad six or more times per day. Only 11% of iPad users turned to email on the devices three times a week or less.

This year, eMarketer estimates there will be 65.7 million iPad users in the US, representing 60% of the total tablet audience. By 2016, the number of iPad users is expected to reach 85 million but account for a diminishing share of total tablet users, at 55%.