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Make Mobile Marketing Campaigns Simple

Make Mobile Marketing Campaigns Simple

Confused by mobile advertising campaigns? LiveIntent is here to make sure that mobile is as simple as display. Mobile marketing campaigns, mobile display, mobile search, in-app ads – it’s enough to make your head spin. How can you know that your message is in the right place to reach your target audience?

Mobile marketing strategy can vary widely, and it’s hard to know if it’s a “fat finger” or real intent that caused someone to click. But in email, mobile advertising campaigns are integrated seamlessly into content that consumers have signed up for, that they are eager to read, and have pushed to their inboxes. Because of this intent, our advertisers enjoy engagement 5-10x that of other mobile channels.

With advertising in email through LiveIntent, your reach your target audience wherever they are – at home or work, on their smartphone or tablet. The mobile advertising market here is all about ease of use – all we need is your creative and landing pages, and we can target to any device or browser.

Often, mobile strategies include developing your own app, as well. With device targeting, it is easy to target browsers of consumers on specific devices, serve device specific campaigns, and then push that user directly to the proper app store right on their device. 

If you’re planning your mobile marketing strategy, make sure you include LiveIntent for a truly cross-channel experience that is both efficient and easy. Many a mobile advertising market does not include email among its advertising services. However, this means that a lot of people are missing out, since email is the #1 app on smartphones and tablets.

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